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04 June 2012 @ 09:58 am
Happy Dayー☆  
lol, this entry, it's supposed to be posted 2 days ago XD
but, well, since i was too happy that day, and yesterday i was really busy, i just got to post it now XDD

okay, this may be not important for you, but really, I'm SOO happy that day!!
June 2nd 2012~ <3
First of all :
it was the day of the graduation announcement (?) *i don't know how to say it XD*
and the national examination result of mine is really good!! well, maybe the science is the lowest one *sobs*, but it still can be  categorized as Good~*cheers*

and for the whole result, i got the 1st rank in my class~ <3 
Yippie~ \^o^/

then, the Second reason :
it was because i got my birthday present from my beloved friend~ <3
the moment she gave me the present, it was enough to make my day~ and when i opened it, i swear, my heart couldn't stop screaming!! *if you ask me why it was my heart that screaming, it's because there were many people in my house*XD

it was a really cute penguin doll~<3 Why penguin? because she know that i love Daiki from Hey Say JUMP~XD
and if we talk about him, it's obviously penguin!! lol~
and what made me more happy? it's because the colour of it is MatsuMiya~!!!
I love you so much oh my know-what-i-really-want-friend~<333

please take a look for it :

kyaaaaa~>w< kawaii desho??XD *and the my birthday message that look like a bow tie XD

i texted her right away after opened the gift~XDD

haha XD
and how about the THIRD reason??
well, actually there's only two reason XD

but, really, i was sooo happy that day~XDDD
and i think, as long as we enjoy the day, it will be a happy day~ <3
hehe XD

and by the way, yesterday was my graduation ceremony~ *throws confetti*
well, to be honest, it was actually boring .___.
but, at the end of the event, i took a photo with my best friends~ <3 *though one of them wasn't there TT_TT*

my friend who gave me the cute doll is the second from right~^^
*and they all are fangirls XDD

i think that's enough for today's post~XDD
maybe i'll post many things about my bestfriends later~X33

Jaa, mata aimashou~XD *whacked*

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チュイタ: neensweet_pleione on June 4th, 2012 09:02 am (UTC)
Congratulation for your graduation~
And congratz for having 1st rank in your class
and Happy Belated birthday too for you~
wish you all the best ^^

What a cute pengu-chan
I have one too in my room, but the color is a normal penguin, black, white, and yellow
and he's so big

Once again, congratulation
I'm happy for youuu~
heysay_aoiheysay_aoi on June 5th, 2012 12:23 am (UTC)
thanks so much!X3 *hugs*

whooaa, i want to see him >w<~
i bet he's way cuter than mine~ <33 *lol, actually i love all penguin shaped doll <3*

thank you~ <3
i love you! X33
チュイタ: uh-ohsweet_pleione on June 5th, 2012 12:42 am (UTC)
nah, he's not that cute, and he's FAT
heysay_aoiheysay_aoi on June 5th, 2012 01:09 am (UTC)
lol XD
no problem, all penguin is fat, except dai-chan <3 XD