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12 June 2012 @ 10:22 pm
Yay yay yay~ <3
Haha XD
this time, i want to share some photos again XD *it's not pic spam though, because it's just 3 pics XD*. by the way, i'm sorry if almost all of my post are annoying, but really, i just want to do this ;_;
i hope you can understand..u_u
and, credit to whoever has posted these photos ^^

First of all :

kawaii~ <3
the first one, it's soo adorable, right? X3

and then the next : 

then prepare yourself girls ~~~^^

awww~ <3 i love you whoever had taken that photo!!! seriouly!!>//<~

i mean, okay, it is actually the five of them with the hint of matsumiya, ohmiya, yama, and sakuraiba <3 :

but, the second picture...lol!XD i bet she/he is a matsumiya hardshipper XDD
lol lol~ <3

and just look, how Jun's hand on Nino's shoulder <3
i don't know if it just me, but the feeling it gave is different from the other XD *lol*

and *i'm sorry oh-chan* on the second picture case, i didn't notice it was oh-chan that wearing yellow t-shirt XD
the colour, you know?XD i thought it was the background, so it is only matsujun and nino XD
lol, sorry oh-chaan~XD

i just love how matsumiya getting more closer nowadays >//<b

haha XD
forgive me for doing that XD
but really, i just want to share <3

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