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28 June 2012 @ 10:45 pm
Mite ne~?XD  
yeah, it's bean a long time since the last post i made XD
and yeah, for now, i'll post something unimportant again

short introduction :
okay, you know AKB48 right? *you must know them, right?* well, they have a sister group here, in Indonesia, called JKT48 ._.
and yeah, JKT48 is the one who did the CM for Pocari Sweat *a kind of ionic drink, i don't know if you know this brand XDD*
and so, there is a dance cover competition *and i bet, the purpose is for promotion ==a*
if you want to join the competition, you have to do a dance cover of AKB48 or JKT48's song, "Heavy Rotation"

And~~~ *drum rolls* My friends joined it XDD the competition!XD lol~XD
Soo, i'm here to promote it :3

hehe XD
here : kocchi kocchi~ <3
or here XD :

hora hora, take a look please?XD
or you even want to give a like? then, please do it!XDD
hahaha XDDD
well, they did this with almost no-preparation, so please cheer them up~ XD yeaaaay~ 'o'//

okay then, mission to promote it has been cleared! 8D
jaa, see you next time~ *waving hand*
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