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19 May 2012 @ 04:53 pm
I'm really happy today, because the entrance exam for high school is over~XD
well, actually it ended yesterday, but I just want to post something right now *lol*

I will still have many more activities, but I think, once the exam over, I have many times to do what I want, sooo, I will just say that, my (not official) holiday starting today~!
*drum rolls* yaaay~ \('w'\)
Ahh~ I'm so excited right now!!XD

Okay, this is so sudden, but I really want to share this pict of MatsuMiya~
lol lol~
well, I don't know how to make gif, so I just took a screencap~>w<

See? see?? those hands are holding each other!! <3

you know? jun seemed to refuse Riida's hand, but he offered his hand to Nino <3
(and nino wholeheartedly held his hand)XDD
I think Nino didn't even want to let his J's hand~XD
uwaaa~ this is just doki doki XD
Current Mood: hyperhyper
Current Music: Arashi - Kaze no Mukou e