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Dream Hope Future

Write it as a Dream, Read it as a Goal.

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Welcome To heysay_aoi!!

by the way, from here it will be the introduction of my fav JE artist, so you can just leave it XD

My #1 group in JE, of course is :

they are so crazy adorkable :3
and they are soo awesome! really!XD

aside from them, i just recently got into Jr world of Johnny's Entertainment :3

currently STILL and WILL ALWAYS hoping these boys :

so, i hope Johnny-san can give them opportunity ;o;

and by the way my love among that Bakaleya6 boys is this :

yugo~that adorable cheeky smile~ *w*
i've been in love with him since B.I.Shadow, but now that only the 2 of them that debuted...
I hope bakaleya boys can debut with 6 persons, together!! ;o;

and by the way, i also have a soft spot for these boys :

kaito, ryou, and katsuki~ XD


kaoru and fuu~ <3

and this pic <3 :

Kuri + Ryou + Kaito + Genta + Katsuki = Love XD
*please add fuu & kaoru there XD*

and also Naniwa Ouji(of Kanjuu)

so many right?XD
because junior doesnt have that many activity, so it's okay, as long as i can follow them :3

and also, I hope for them all, the Jrs, can debut!^^b

lastly~ that's all about me, if you want to know more, let's talk and be friend!^^/

I'm a fan of Japanese things XDD
From Manga, J-pop, J-Music, Dorama, etc >w<

And I'm now in Arashi and Johnny's Jr fandom, but i keep updating about (almost) all of the Johnny's :)

My goal is to get a scholarship to study in Japan, so i'm working hard to acheive it!^^
and I love to make new friend <3 So, let's be friend!!

-Profile code credit to nikkatun@lj
-Bakaleya and Yugo gif credit to cassiyunho@tumblr
-kaito, ryou and katsuki pic credit to : 雅-MASAYUKI-@weibo
-Jr pic cr to tingke & coloraisu & negumichii @tumblr

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